If you are sitting in a café or at home enjoying a nice cup of Joe, you understand it didn’t happen by accident. Somewhere, whether local or overseas, a farmer took the time to grow a quality product. After that, and importer sent those coffee beans to a roaster who gave the coffee beans its unique qualities to bring out the flavor characteristics of the specific brand of coffee you are drinking. Finally, you are the local barista took those beans and carefully brewed them to extract the wonderful drink of the gods. The process of getting a good cup of coffee from the farm to your mouth can see long and tedious, but well worth it when you enjoy the flavors from high quality roasted coffee beans.

At Victor and Victoria’s Café, we have a true appreciation for those who work hard for the coffee we enjoy. We also have great respect for the bakers that provide wonderful pastries to complement coffee. That is why we have created this page, to shine a spotlight on all things related to coffee and pastries, our passions in life. If you enjoy coffee as much as we do, be sure to follow our website.