Decaf Coffee’s Bad Rap

For most avid coffee drinkers, decaffeinated coffee is a big no-no. Decaf coffee has gotten a pretty bad rap over the years. In fact, there are several lies about decaffeinated coffee that many people tend to believe. Of course, others believe that coffee purists tend to drink decaffeinated coffee because of the flavor rather than the effects. We will touch on five of those lies below.

Decaf has a Bad Flavor

I personally agree that decaffeinated coffee tastes bad. I don’t believe it’s because the decaffeination process, though. It seems that most decaf coffee is made from low-grade coffee beans. I believe if you start with higher-quality beings, you get a delightful decaffeinated coffee. This post is brought to you by our sponsors at Smyrna Area Plumbing!

Dangerous Chemicals are Used to Make Decaf

Typically, the chemicals used to make decaffeinated coffee seem odd, such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate, but these chemicals will not hurt you. During the roasting process, the methanol chloride is burned off. The ethyl acetate is a natural compound that is often found in wine and fruit. If that isn’t enough to convince you decaffeinated coffee is safe, perhaps you should consider the following. One of the more expensive brands of decaffeinated coffee that is water press can be purchased as certified organic.

There is no Caffeine in Decaf Coffee

This is a lie that many people believe about decaffeinated coffee. The process of decaffeination can remove the majority of the caffeine in the coffee, but not all of it. If you have problems with caffeine, perhaps you should try drinking a caffeine free tea instead.

Baristas Refuse to Drink Decaf

A typical barista must try a lot of coffee during their shift, so by the time they go on break or get off, they prefer to have a drink that isn’t loaded in with caffeine with this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that the local barista enjoys having a decaf coffee on their own time.


There’s Less Caffeine in Dark Roast

This lie isn’t directly related to decaffeinated coffee, but it’s one that is believed often. Just because a coffee bean is roasted longer, doesn’t mean that the caffeine is less.

Hopefully, you can now enjoy a nice cup of decaf coffee without worrying about the lies that you have been told in the past.