Pastries to Enjoy with Your Coffee

Many people who truly love coffee will take their obsession to an extreme measure. While some people will simply visit a variety of coffee shops to taste with they have to offer, the true fanatics will go much further by researching the varieties available and scour websites to find that perfect cup of brew. After the fanatics finds their perfect cup of coffee, they must begin discovering which breakfast pastry to enjoy with it. Is anyone who loves coffee knows, the food you eat with a coffee can make a huge difference in how it tastes. My friend Bill over at Fast Austin Locksmith visits all coffee shops around Austin, TX, just to try what they have to offer. That is why we have come up with a list of breakfast pastries to enjoy with your cup of Joe.

Croissant: your basic plain croissant with a little buttery goodness is delicious with any cup of coffee. If you choose to be daring, you can even add a little jam or jelly to sweeten up your croissant. Just don’t add too much, because otherwise it will take away from the taste of your coffee.

Muffin: one of the best methods to have a coffee is a blueberry muffin. The sweet and juicy flavors of a blueberry muffin goes well with most any coffee. You can also try your coffee with a cranberry or strawberry muffin or something a little different.

Bagel: the best option is a whole-wheat bagel. There are many options for flavoring your bagel, such as cream cheese, jelly, or jams. Experimental little to discover which goes well with your favorite cup of coffee.

Danish: the best pastry to drink with your coffee is a raspberry danish because it is both sweet and tart, a combination that goes great with coffee. There are many variety of flavors, though, so do a little experimenting to discover what you like best.

Scone: a  ham and cheese scone goes great with a cup of coffee. You need to ensure the ham isn’t overly salty, though, so you aren’t overwhelmed.





There are many other pastries can try with your coffee, but be sure to give these a try.